Selected full length plays

Let There Be Love

A mash-up of Sons and Lovers, Eros and Psyche, and online dating and modern matchmaking. DeeDee, a widow who has remained single and has a hatred of algorithms, runs a high-end matchmaking business with her son, Eric. Sylvia, orphaned as a teenager and now an art gallery owner, is just looking for love via matchmaking. Rajesh, an evolutionary psychologist and self-described “algorithm automechanic,” thinks DeeDee is just the best. A play about the different levels of love and betrayal.

  •  Selected for development as part of the Mellon-funded Ma-Yi Writers Lab/ Creative Fellowships Initiative at the University of Washington.
The New Deal

Inmate 2 didn’t mean to kill anyone. He’s just a white collar thief, after all, but he panicked, and he’s not a murderer. He’s a survivor, which is why he chooses what the government is calling The New Deal. The New Deal explores a time in the not-too-distant future where prison corporations and pharmaceutical companies form a dangerous collaboration.

  • Honorable Mention, 2016 Kilroy’s List
  • Developed as part of the Downstage Left Residency, Stage Left Theatre, Chicago.
STUFF: A Radio Play

Inspired by the NY Times article “The Lonely Death of George Bell,” STUFF tells the story of lives that intersect when a man dies alone in his cluttered apartment. A play about living alone in modern times. STUFF is scheduled to be recorded by Mission to (dit)Mars.

The Nava Jeevan

Life suddenly starts to shift at the Nava Jeevan, an Indian beauty salon in suburban NJ, with the arrival of a new gay, male, hair dresser.

  • Semi-finalist, O’Neill Playwrights’ Conference
  • Semi-finalist, Princess Grace Fellowship

Recently married Ashok and Sheela go to India for a relative’s wedding and realize that they have very different attitudes towards it.  What happens when the country your parents left for better opportunities becomes the land of opportunity?

  • Semi-finalist, O’Neill Playwrights’ Conference
Celestial Motions

Leela is 25 and relatively care-free, until her parents have her astrological birth chart redrawn due to a daylight savings time error.  The new chart sets her parents to get her married within the year, but what if Leela’s true love is someone that she never even would have guessed?

  • Winner, East West Players Inaugural “Got Laughs?” Playwriting Competition

Selected One-Act Plays

The Mummy

A Halloween radio play written for Naked Angels Radio.  Leela and Ashok come back from visiting Ashok’s family, with a book full of recipes from his mother.  Little do they know what awaits them in their bathroom… Click  here to listen.

A Smooth Transition

Susan, a petite woman of Asian origin, is a little worried at first, when she’s called into her boss’ office. When she finds that she is being promoted, she’s delighted…until she sees what needs to be done in order to accept her promotion.

The Male of the Species

Henry is once again working in his research lab on Valentine’s Day, which greatly disturbs his research subject, the ape Bobo.

A Rush of Wings

Emilie and Ishmael appear to be having the same dreams. There are some things that a couple just shouldn’t share…


When Paul, a restless writer who can’t seem to settle on a genre, gets fresh inspiration, he decides to follow it to New York, where he becomes a bartender as he writes the story. But leaving older works behind isn’t quite as easy as he thought.